To get started with the MSM (Multi Site Monitor) you need to go through some steps, here you have to get your data into MSM and then you can start working with it. 

If you don't have a MyAgroVision account yet, you need to create one. Go to and click on "Register new user". If you already have a MyAgroVision account then login with your credentials.

When you've created your MyAgrovision account and logged in you need to import data into MSM to do analysis. How will you achieve that?

  • The farm you want to see in MSM needs to have it's data in MyAgrovision. That also gives the farm the benefit of two other reports as well, that is the Operational Monitor and the Service Group Monitor.
  • When the farm data is in MyAgrovision, the farmer need to give access to a third party via permissions in his/her My Agrovision account.

In the start up guide below you can see how to get data into MyAgrovision (it is for the Operational Monitor, but the same princips apply for the Multi Site Monitor)

-> Start up Guide Operational Monitor

Below you can see how to give permissions to a third party.

-> How to give permissions to a third party?

Below you can see how to give employees acces to a farm.

-> Adding employees and share farms

If all the steps above are done you can start using the MSM. Please take a look at the following movie to get yourself acquainted with MSM.